A Guide to Building the Perfect Cannabis Gift Basket in Massachusetts

Cannabis Christmas Gift Baskets

Posted on December 18th, 2023 to Education

Are you building the ultimate cannabis gift basket in Massachusetts? Rest assured, we’ve got all the best gifts for stoners at Collective Cannabis. Check out the must-haves for every recipient on your shopping list who enjoys good cannabis below.

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12 Must-Haves for the Best Stoner Gift Basket in Massachusetts

1. Kanha Edibles

When it comes to good cannabis edible gifts for the holidays, be sure to look for the Kanha name in Billerica and Littleton. These edibles always have a great price point, but they’re also delicious and fast-acting. For the high-dose consumer, Kahna Belts are a good choice, and you’ll find some Kahna gummies for as low as $10 for a 100mg package.

Kanha Sour Cherry Limeade Sativa Belts

2. Top Vape Carts

Do some digging to find the best vape carts and disposables in Massachusetts because these make awesome stoner gifts. A few good picks include:

  • Wellman Farms Disposables in Billerica and Littleton – Easily portable and deliver a big bang for your buck
  • STRANE Carts in Billerica and Littleton – Amazing flavor and potency with delicious picks like Birthday Cake
  • Sanctuary Medicinals Distillate Carts in Billerica and Littleton – Clean-flavor carts with loads of THC

3. Cannabis Topicals

Topicals are a good addition to the cannabis gift basket. Picks like Sanctuary Medicinals Transdermal Gel or Wellman Farms Jointz Muscle RSO & CBD Salve work wonders on aches and pains.

4. Four20 Pre-Roll Variety Packs

How about a 12-pack of some of the best pre-rolls in the state pre-packaged in a stocking? Our dispensaries have just that with Four20 Pre-Roll Variety Packs.

5. Sugarloaf Springs Co. Chocolate Bars

Sugarloaf Springs Co offers some of the best infused chocolate bars money can buy, and the flavors are so yummy that it’s hard to pick just one. In both Billerica and Littleton, you’ll see tempting flavors like Toffee Crunch, Cookies & Cream, and Dark Mint.

6. Good Chemistry Limoncello Premium Hash Infused Gummies

Good Chemistry Limoncello Premium Hash Infused Gummies are top-shelf gummies made with the full spectrum of cannabis compounds. Therefore, they are easily some of the best cannabis edibles in MA. Look for Good Chemistry Nursery Edibles in Billerica and Littleton.

7. Mr. Moxey’s Mints

Mr. Moxey’s Mints will keep that stoner fresh all season long. Not to mention, these are perfect edibles for less-experienced cannabis users because they have smaller doses of THC and you can pick from different formulas like Balance, Zen, and Relax to cater to whatever desired effects an individual could want. Find Mr. Moxey’s Mints in Billerica and Littleton.

Mr. Moxey's Energize Peppermint

8. Clebby’s Baking Mixes

Pick up one of the innovative baking mixes from Clebby’s and any true stoner is bound to be pleased. These baking mixes come in yummy flavors, like Lemon Pound Cake and Triple Chocolate Brownie. Simply follow the instructions to create your home-baked edibles—there’s plenty to go around with one batch. Shop for these THC-infused baking mixes in both Billerica and Littleton.

9. THC Infused Beverages

You can’t go wrong with adding a few of the best THC-infused beverages to your cannabis gift basket. These drinks are best known for serving up high spirits with no hangover involved. Check out some of the best THC seltzers and infused drinks in Massachusetts to nab some of the top picks in Littleton and Billerica.

10. Insa Peppermint Candy Cane Dark Chocolate Bar

Nothing lifts the holiday spirits quite like the Peppermint Candy Cane Dark Chocolate Bar. This yummy bar of dark chocolate is bursting with crunchy bits of candy cane and serves up an impressive 100mg of THC per bar. Find these holiday-worthy chocolate bars in Billerica and Littleton.

11. Pioneer Valley Candy Cane M-80s

Pioneer Valley Candy Cane M-80s have one of the highest counts for total active cannabinoids (TAC) of any pre-roll on the menu in both Billerica and Littleton. These minty, infused pre-rolls ring in at 37.14% TAC, so they’re bound to leave even the most experienced gift recipient impressed.

12. Gift Cards

Give the gift that keeps any cannabis user happy: a gift card from their favorite dispensary. That must naturally be Collective Cannabis, which happens to have gift cards available at both locations!

Have the Happiest Holiday with a Little Help from Collective

Whether you’re working on the best stoner gift basket ever or you’re treating yourself for the holidays, we’ve got all you could ever want from a cannabis dispensary. Be sure to take a few minutes to explore our menus in Billerica and Littleton to track down the best cannabis products in the state.

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