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Collective Cannabis offers customers a broad variety of high-quality cannabis brands in Massachusetts. Its featured brands represent the best cannabis products in Massachusetts, including these Massachusetts weed brands.

1906 Drops

1906 Drops use both THC and CBD, including a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC for most products and a 5:1 ratio for the CHILL formula. Its cannabis products are enhanced by the high-potency plant medicines to aid sleep, reduce anxiety and elevate mood.

Betty’s Eddies

Betty’s Eddies specializes in high quality fruit gummites made to relieve a variety of conditions like sleep, pain, energy and stress. The company also offers a cannabis ice cream in flavors like brownie vanilla, dark chocolate and black raspberry.

Camino Gummies

Camino Gummies come in fresh fruit flavors and are made with custom combinations of THC, CBD, CBN, and natural terpenes, and are available in sativa, indica and hybrid strains.

Canned Seltzer

Canned Seltzer makes THC:CBD (1:2) infused tonics designed as an alternative to adult alcoholic beverages, without producing the hangover. Cann Seltzers are drinkable and flavorful cannabis seltzers that are sociable, stimulating, and fast-acting.

Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews specializes in edibles, including its original chocolate and caramel chews, that are low-calorie, fat-free taffies made with a variety of cannabinoids like CBG and CBN. Its edibles can be easily dosed with consistent effects.


Fernway specializes in vape cartridges that combine exceptional terpenes and the highest purity cannabis oil. They come in a universal 510 thread to accommodate any battery, although optimized for use with the Fernway stylus.

Good Chemistry Nurseries

Good Chemistry Nurseries operates cultivation facilities in Massachusetts and Colorado that optimize cannabis farming. Its extracts and concentrates are made with safe, solventless processing techniques. The company grows its cannabis flower from over 60 different strains and manufactures its solventless concentrates, such as rosin, bubble hash and dry sift.

Hidden Hemlock

Hidden Hemlock offers only hand-selected sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, specializing in small batch, soil-grown, connoisseur-grade flower using organic inputs and no pesticides. It also produces heirloom strains resurrected from the archives and new, offbeat crosses.


Kanha specializes in gummies infused with high-quality cannabis oils, extracted through a meticulous scientific process that provides a consistent texture and dose. Kanha’s pesticide-free process enhances the gummies, which come in fruit flavors.

Ocean Breeze Cultivators

Ocean Breeze Cultivators cultivates landrace, heirloom and classic strains of cannabis, offering flower, pre-rolls and concentrates, along with edibles such as gummies and chocolates.

Papi Cannabis

Named for retired MLB player David Ortiz, Papi Cannabis features the Sweet Sluggers line of rolled blunts made with the finest cannabis flower chosen from Ortiz’ favorite strains, such as Lava Cake #7, Black Mamba #7 and Bootylicious #4. The pre-rolled blunts are filled with flavorful terpenes, in addition to high TCH.

Pioneer Valley Cannabis

Pioneer Valley Cannabis makes cannabis products with clean, pure, local ingredients, including pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates and gummies. Each is hand-crafted, accurately dosed and rigorously tested. Its other cannabis brands include Kanha and Fox Tales.