The Best THC Seltzers and THC Infused Drinks in Massachusetts (2023)

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Posted on June 13th, 2023 to Brands & Products

What are THC Infused Drinks?

Among the assortment of cannabis products available to customers of Collective Cannabis are THC infused drinks in Massachusetts. These refreshing and favorable drinks are gaining popularity and come in a variety of flavors.

Cannabis-infused drinks are made by infusing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive ingredient found in Cannabis plants. They can also include cannabidiol, or CBD, which is also from the cannabis plant, but does not contain any psychoactive ingredient.

These THC-infused drinks became available in the U.S. in 2010. As the use of cannabis has become more common, these drinks also have increased in popularity. With so many options to consider, it’s difficult to know what truly are the best THC drinks. Some come with other added substances, including alcohol and caffeine.

Most THC-infused drinks are labeled as “low dose” products that contain less than 4 mg of THC in each 8 ounce beverage, although others contain slightly more THC and others considerably higher doses. There is no standard dose of THC, so it’s important to check the concentration carefully.

At Collective Cannabis, we make choosing easy for THC drinks Massachusetts. We’ve selected the best weed seltzers and beverages available. All you have to do is pick your favorite.

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Cann is a California-based cannabis company founded in 2018 that creates products with low doses of THC and CBD. The company refers to these as “approachable levels” of THC or sessionable beverages with microdoses that can be consumed responsibly. The company’s beverages infused with THC and CBD come in citrus and herbal flavors, with a hint of agave nectar blend that helps make the drinks light and refreshing.

Cann is California’s top selling microdosed cannabis drink. The company uses five all-natural ingredients from the very best suppliers available and doesn’t use any preservatives or artificial sweeteners in its drinks. Each drink is precisely infused with between 2 mg and 4 mg of THC, and 4 mg of CBD, making it an uplifting beverage that also happens to be flavorful and refreshing.

Because these are low-dose drinks, it’s easier to control your experience. The low amount of THC infused ensures that even new cannabis users can enjoy multiple beverages. The CBD added to the beverage enhances the good THC qualities, which leads to a relaxing social buzz and not intoxication.

With a typical onset of about 15 minutes, Cann’s THC-infused beverages allow consumers to start with one and decide where to go from there. The new cannabis user may want to try one drink at first and then decide if a second is necessary. The more experienced cannabis user may want to try a larger Hi Boy beverage with 5 mg of THC or enjoy a favorite cannabis pre-roll or flower while drinking a classic Cann beverage.

Cann’s THC-infused drinks are modeled after some of the best cocktails, but made alcohol-free to ensure a clear head the next day after drinking.

Cann’s THC-Infused Drinks

  • Classic Tonic – Refreshing classic tonic with CBD, cannabis and natural fruit flavors, 2 mg THC, 4 mg CBD
  • Cann Hi Boy – Features more than twice the amount of THC than the standard Cann drink, 5 mg THC
  • Tonic 2:1 – This high-CBD beverage comes in fruit flavors, designed to avoid any hangovers

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Tiger Tea Ocean Breeze Cultivators

Ocean Breeze Cultivators

Ocean Breeze Cultivators, a family-run cannabis business founded in 2018 in Gloucester, MA. offers THC-infused beverages among their product lineup. Ocean Breeze’s cultivation center grows marijuana for flower, pre-rolls and concentrates, and manufactures edibles such as gummies and chocolates to be sold in dispensaries. Ocean Breeze also offers a line of beverages that contain THC, including fruit-flavored seltzer and teas. These are among the edibles that are carefully crafted by the Ocean Breeze Executive Infusion Chef.

Ocean Breeze Cultivators mixes technology with tried-and-true cultivating methods to grow and make its cannabis products. Ocean Breeze built a flagship cannabis business by bringing in the latest technology into its 43,000-square-foot facility, which also includes 2,200-square-feet of grow rooms built with insulated aluminum panels, growing tables at multiple tiers, air movers in each room and third-party nutrient monitoring. Ocean Breeze ensures healthy and vibrant cannabis plant growth with the facility’s indoor lighting system, which includes LEDs and a mixed checkerboard spectrum of HPS and CMH.

Ocean Breeze Cultivators THC-Infused Drinks

  • Tiger Tea – Real, freshly brewed tea infused with cannabis and natural fruit flavors, 4.83mg THC
  • Ocean Breeze Seltzer – Refreshing seltzer infused with cannabis and natural fruit flavors, 4.89mg THC

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