Bring Cannabis into Your 2024 New Year’s Resolutions!

Making New Years Resolutions with Cannabis

Posted on December 18th, 2023 to Education

Could it be true that 2024 is already lingering just over the horizon? With only days left of this year, there’s no better time than now to pick your New Year’s resolution and start making plans for how you will make positive changes for the next year. The turn of the new year when you’re focused on making changes could be the perfect time to explore the wellness benefits of cannabis.

Many cannabis products can support your goals, from tinctures and salves to low-THC edibles. Check out some of the most common resolutions people focus on during New Year’s and which cannabis products can support these health and wellness goals.

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Resolving to Exercise More in 2024?

Almost half of the people who make resolutions every January make fitness and exercising more their top priority. If getting more fit is on your agenda for 2024, now would be a good time to look at cannabis products that can help. For example, a lot of athletic individuals swear by topical creams and salves made with cannabinoids to thwart muscle pain after a workout and help them recover faster. Look for products like:

Resolving to Get Your Diet on Track in 2024?

Many people start January intending to keep their diet on track for the new year, and cannabinoids may even help with this resolution. Some studies have shown that CBD (cannabidiol) may work as an appetite suppressant for some individuals. The minor cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) may offer some appetite suppression effects as well, garnering strains high in THCV the moniker “diet weed.” By the way, you can pick up a full THCV Tincture or a good CBD tincture from the brand Erva.

Erva THCV Tincture 600mg

Resolving to Do a Better Job of Self-Care in 2024?

We’ve only learned the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cannabis for wellness, but there’s no question that some cannabis products and cannabinoids could be valuable for self-care. Maybe you’re looking to spend your days less stressed or pay closer attention to your mental health. Perhaps you want to make a conscious effort to be good to your body every day. A few good products to support your New Year’s resolution to be kind to yourself include:

  • Motiv8 D8:D9 Tinctures from Milly to soothe your mind and enhance focus
  • 1906 Genius Drops to support your mind through a grueling workday
  • Lemon Ginger with Menthol CBD Herbal Massage Body Oil from Healing Rose to soothe a tired body

1906 Genius Drops

Kick Off the New Year Right with Collective Cannabis

From all of us here at Collective to all of you, we hope 2024 brings everything you want. We’re so glad to be stepping into a new year with all new resolutions right along with our customers. And we’re thrilled to be the dispensary that can provide all the cannabis wellness products you could ever need along the way. From edibles made with minor cannabinoids to topicals and tinctures for health support, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to look at our menu in Littleton and Billerica to start making plans for the new year ahead.

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