Plan Valentine’s Day with the Best Cannabis and Date Spots in MA

Plan Valentine's Day with the Best Cannabis and Date Spots in Billerica and Littleton, MA

Posted on January 29th, 2024 to Brands & Products

Is your partner the spark of Sativa to your Indica heart? If so, make sure you make plans to give them the best Valentine’s Day joint venture ever, with a little help from good cannabis, of course.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your sweetheart or you’re simply looking for the best cannabis flower and products to share, a trip to the dispensary before your big date may be in order. Here are great products for your Valentine’s Day together, as well as some places you can go around Billerica and Littleton after picking them up.

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The 12 Best Cannabis Products for Dates

1. Smashin’ Passion Betty’s Eddies Fruit Chews

Known as one of the best products for intimacy, Smashin’ Passion Betty’s Eddies Fruit Chews make having lots of lovin’ a sure bet.

2. Slow n’ Sweet Sea Shake or Flower by Ocean Breeze Cultivators

A rare cultivar to enjoy with loads of sweetness and a hazy, warm high, available in both shake and flower.

Ocean Breeze Slow n' Sweet Flower 3.5g Product Image

3. Red Velvet Flower by Sparq

Beloved for its sweet body buzz and euphoric tendencies, this Red Velvet flower from Sparq is the perfect combination of rich and sweet.

4. Strawberries & Cream Pre-Roll by Good Chemistry Nurseries

Pick up a Strawberries & Cream Pre-Roll to split with your sweetie and your date night is bound to be full of soft giggles and mesmerizing glances.

5. Love Potion El Blunto or El Bluntitos 4-Pack

With a well-fitting name, Love Potion blunts or a four-pack of El Bluntitos set the stage for good times, chill vibes, and a Valentine’s Day for the records.

6. Peaches & Cream Distillate Cartridge by Ocean Breeze Cultivators

Sweetly wrapped in delectable flavor, this Peaches & Cream distillate cart will likely be passed between you for the entire night.

7. Slow n’ Sweet Live Hash Rosin by Ocean Breeze Cultivators

A cannabis concentrate that just sounds like it’s for lovers, Slow n’ Sweet delivers a slow, lingering buzz to enhance several hours of your Valentine’s Day.

8. Love Drops 1:1 by 1906

Formulated with THC, CBD, and herbal aphrodisiacs, Love Drops are the go-to addition to your after-dark Lover’s Day endeavors.

Insa Smoochies Peanut Butter Chocolates 5mg Product Image

9. Wild Strawberry Bellini 1:1 Gummies by Cannatini

You’ll no doubt be feeling all the good vibes with these Wild Strawberry Bellini gummies with an even balance of THC and CBD.

10. Milk Chocolate Bar by Coast Cannabis Co.

Create an entirely new Valentine’s Day tradition by giving your partner a cannabis-infused Chocolate Bar from Coast.

11. Smoochies Peanut Butter Chocolates by INSA

These little Smoochies Peanut Butter Chocolates are bound to land you a few kisses from your cutie at the end of the night.

Places to Go on Valentine’s Day Near Billerica and Littleton

After you’ve nabbed your Valentine their favorite cannabis at the dispensary, finding a place to enjoy your time together is easy. Whether you picked up your cannabis in Littleton or Billerica, nearby spots are bound to make your day together a memorable event. Both dispensaries are surrounded by little towns filled with things to do.

For example, if you pick up in Littleton, grab dinner at Taka or Great Road Kitchen, catch a show at O’Neil Cinemas, or schedule a couples massage at Spavia. Feeling adventurous? Take your date on a rock climb at MetroRock. Likewise, in nearby Acton, you and your date can grab dinner at Salted Soul, catch a class at Hammer & Stain, and then have a drink at Rapscallion Table & Tap.

Some other awesome date stops to consider include:

Fill Your Valentine’s Day with All the Love and the Best Cannabis with Help from Collective

As you make plans for your Valentine’s Day, be sure to stop in at Collective Cannabis. With one of the most refined collections of quality cannabis in the state of Massachusetts, you’re bound to find exactly what you need to make sure you have a Valentine’s Day filled with love. Take a look at our online menu in Billerica and Littleton, where you can also place your order head for a quick pickup.

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