Top 10 Best Vape Carts in Massachusetts 2023

Posted on April 22nd, 2023 to Brands & Products

Vaping cannabis gives you all the desired effects in a more discreet, portable form. And, you can get your hands on vape carts in Massachusetts modeled after just about any strain you prefer. Check out our picks for the best vape cartridges in Massachusetts.

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10 Best Vape Carts in Massachusetts

1. Mango Kush Distillate Cart from Trade Roots

Mango Kush—a well-loved hybrid strain—has grown almost a cult following due to its fruity sweetness and calm-place induction. The Mango Kush vape cart from Trade Roots is just as sweet, metaphorically and literally speaking.

2. Blue Raspberry Truffle Cart from Ocean Breeze Cultivators

With a Total Active Cannabinoid profile of more than 90 percent, Blue Raspberry Truffle carts from OBC are hands-down one of the best vape carts in Massachusetts. This cart is modeled after the strain that was brought to life by crossing White Truffle and Blueberry. Therefore, you get happy energy with a healthy dose of euphoria.

3. Polyjuice Potion Liquid Shatter Cart from Sanctuary Medicinals

Easily one of the best vape cartridges in Massachusetts, the Polyjuice Potion liquid shatter cart is highly potent and favored. This star-studded Sativa is made by Sanctuary Medicinals, which is known for making some of the purest extracts on the MA market.

4. Jigglers Cured Resin Cart from Resinate

The Jigglers cured resin cart boasts a THC level of over 80 percent, but, even more important, the cured live resin extract offers one of the most flavorful vaping experiences. This cart is bound to leave you gazy-eyed and ready for bed.

5. Strawberry Haze Cart from Hellevated

It doesn’t get much more classic than Strawberry Haze, and this cart undeniably lives up to the classic hype of the strain. With flavor notes of berries and gas, and a tendency to leave you uplifted and cheery, this Hellevated vape cart is a daily bestseller.

6. Wicked OG Cartridge from Nimbus

Nimbus is known for its eclectic mix of strains that are usually modeled after classics with an extra pitch of something excellent. The Wicked OG cart is hands down one of the best examples. Indica-dominant, earthy and piney, and a one-way ticket to energetic outlooks but physical relaxation.

7. Sour Diesel Cart from Strane

Strane always goes with carts made from strains we know and love, and the Sour Diesel cart is the perfect example. A Sativa-dominant pick, this cart leaves you feeling a toss-up between invigorated and focused. Plus, you get all that unmistakable pungency the strain is known to provide.

8. Creamsicle Cart from Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co.

Creamy and citrusy, the Creamsicle cart from Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co. is just as potent as it is flavorful. This hybrid cart rings in at over 84 percent THC and leaves you feeling slightly energetic before dipping you into a sweet calm euphoria.

9. Blue Dream Cart from beWell

If you like a good Sativa-leaning strain with a pinch of creativity, the beWell Blue Dream cart is the way to go. With a potency level that reaches over 80 percent, superior flavor quality, and an uplifting, inspirational effect, this vape cart is easily one of the best vape cartridges in Massachusetts.

10. Cherry MAC Pie from Good Chemistry Nurseries

A cross between MAC and Cherry Pie, the Cherry MAC Pie cart is earthy, sweet, and tinged with sour cherry flavors. People claim this cart is awesome for outdoor adventures because it leaves you uplifted and serene with an easy stride and chipper temperament.

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