The Top 4 Cannabis Edibles in Massachusetts 2023

Posted on January 30th, 2023 to Brands & Products

Prefer to eat your THC? When it comes to edibles in Massachusetts, so many brands do it right. Whether you’re in the mood for THC gummies in MA, an infused weed seltzer, or something delectable like a gourmet chocolate bar, you can find it. To help you track down the products that are sure to please, we’ve pulled together some of the best edibles in MA to get you started.

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Best Edible Brands in Massachusetts


Cannaitini THC gummies in MA are considered top-of-the-line when it comes to flavor, quality, and effects. The unique thing about Cannatini cannabis gummies is the fact that they are made with RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) instead of other extracts and the flavors come from organic fruit extracts. These gummies are formulated for the adult palate with flavors like Strawberry Rose and Sour Grape Sangria.

Betty’s Eddies

Betty’s Eddies are handcrafted, totally delicious fruit chews that are created from full-spectrum cannabis and supporting herbal ingredients. You can quite literally find a Betty’s Eddie for every preferred experience, whether you’re looking for sleep support or a more uplifting morning. All of Betty’s products are made with natural ingredients too, which is always a bonus. A few top picks include Raspberry Creme Bedtime Betty’s and Pineapple Orange Take It Easy Gummies.

ocean breeze cultivators products

Ocean Breeze Cultivators

Ocean Breeze Cultivators offers everything from tempting peanut butter cups and mint chocolate bars to gummies and lozenges, and the brand never disappoints. Not only are OBC’s products delicious, but they are also formulated with quality ingredients and cannabis extracts. The brand has one of the most extensive collections of edibles in Massachusetts. A top request in our dispensaries is the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, which are both delicious and easy to dose.


1906 focuses on easy-to-consume cannabis “drops,” which are tiny tablets that you simply swallow with a sip of water. 1906 Drops come in unique formulas specifically brought to life to cater to certain needs or preferences. For example, 1906 Love Drops are said to enhance intimate experiences, while 1906 Bump Drops are meant to enhance the THC potency of other Drops, and they work great for microdosing.

Noteworthy Nods to the Strongest Edibles in Massachusetts

If you want high THC edibles in Massachusetts, there are plenty of brands to offer good choices. A few fan-favorites you’ll catch at Collective include:

Find the Best Edibles in Massachusetts at Collective Cannabis

Whether you’re looking for THC gummies in MA or something more eclectic like infused beverages or THC mints, we’ve got what you need at Collective. We love partnering with top brands in the state to give our customers a top-quality selection. Be sure to look at our Billerica and Littleton menus to catch the latest edibles in Massachusetts.

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