How to Take Edibles for Sleep

Posted on December 21st, 2021 to Education


Remember the last time you enjoyed a good edible and then went to sleep? If you are like a lot of people, you’ll say the sleep you experienced was some of the best you can ever remember. This can lead to the question: is it a good idea to take edibles for sleep on a regular basis? Some people do, so here’s a look at some things about cannabis edibles and sleep to know.

Can edibles make you sleep?

For most people, yes. Cannabis has long been used as an aid to help people having problems with sleep, even though the formal research on using weed for sleep is ongoing. According to the Sleep Foundation, 70 percent of casual cannabis users say that it helps them get better sleep.

As far as people who use cannabis and cannabis products for medicinal purposes like pain or anxiety, 85 percent say that it helps with sleep. Edibles may be a lot different than flower, but they serve up the cannabinoids like THC that may help you go to sleep just the same.

One area of question in scientific research is whether THC actually produces quality sleep or simply makes you sleepy. Some researchers propose that consuming cannabis before bed may interfere with REM sleep (rapid eye movement sleep), but there are arguments against these findings.

Some studies have concluded that using cannabis on occasion for sleep is more likely to produce quality sleep than if you use cannabis all the time for sleep. Likewise, some doctors have stated that low-dose edibles may be better for sleep than edibles with high levels of THC.

How to Take Edibles for Sleep

Taking an edible for sleep is relatively straightforward, but there are a few tips to remember.

1. Pick the right product

Edibles now come in many forms, and some are more ideal for bedtime than others. For example, something like an extract or THC capsule can be a simple part of your bedtime routine. However, maybe you prefer something more traditional to have as a pre-bedtime snack with THC, such as a piece of chocolate or a brownie.

2. Pick the right dose

The decision as to the best edibles to take for sleep can have a lot to do with your preferences, but the potency is a major thing to consider. If you are just starting out with edibles, stick with a low dose—maybe even 5 mg or under. In general, the dosage range for sleep should be between 5 and 10 milligrams, but this can also depend on how you process cannabinoids.

Something else to consider is cannabis terpenes, which may or may not be incorporated into an edible. Some terpene effects can be more sedating, such as myrcene. This can enhance the effects of a lower dose of THC.

3. Pick the right time

As noted above, most edibles should be taken between 30 minutes and an hour before bed. Earlier, and you could get sleepier earlier than you want to. Later, you could end up lying awake, waiting for the edible to kick in.

When to Take Edibles for Sleep

If you were smoking some good Indica cannabis to sleep, you would be fine to smoke right before your head hits the pillow. However, with edibles, you have a longer wait time until the effects settle in with most products (from 30 minutes to an hour in most cases). Some edibles, such as hard candies or even seltzers, can actually kick in a little faster.

With the timelines of how long it takes edibles to start working in mind, you can assume that it would be best to take an edible just a bit before you plan to go to sleep. For example, if you plan to consume THC capsules, take them about 30 minutes before bed. Do make sure you have a good eight hours or so to sleep, as edibles can have lingering effects for up to six or eight hours.

Is sleeping while high on edibles safe?

You really should be fine to sleep even if you are feeling a bit high after consuming an edible. Sleeping is actually one of the most recommended things to do when someone gets too high from an edible. However, make sure to keep your THC intake in check so you simply experience better sleep.

What about going to sleep before edibles kick in?

This is actually the preference for some people. If you don’t necessarily enjoy how cannabis makes you feel, but you want to see if it will help you sleep deeper or better, take the edible just before you lie down and try to go on to sleep.

Find Quality Edibles to Help You Get Some Zzzs

Cannabis-infused edibles can be preferable to help with sleep if you don’t necessarily want to smoke, and anecdotal and formal reports do show that cannabis can support sleep. If you are ready to try edibles for sleep, be sure to take a look at our menu at Collective.