The Top 5 Best Pre Rolls in MA 2023 | Lowest Price Pre-Rolls | Best Value

Posted on January 24th, 2023 to Education

One thing’s for sure, you should have no trouble finding the best pre-roll in Massachusetts if you’re shopping at the right dispensary. Here at Collective Cannabis, we are home of the $4.20 Half Gram Pre-Roll, one of the best value pre-rolls around! Cannabis in MA has grown to be one of the most robust in the nation, which means you have access to pre-rolls grown by top brands that always provide an enjoyable experience. The best pre-rolls in Massachusetts can be an ambiguous topic because everyone has their own definition of “best.” Check out a few top-requested pre-rolls according to brand, price, and value.

Best Cannabis Pre-Rolls in Massachusetts by Brand

Hidden Hemlock

Hidden Hemlock Cannabis is one of the highest-regarded in the state due to organic growing practices. Known for producing fine strains and hand-selected cultivars for flavor and effects, this brand produces some of the best pre-rolls in Massachusetts. A few picks you’ll see in the pre-roll collection include Purple Banana, Blue Haze, and Blackberry Fire.

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Local Roots Cannabis Crafted for Recreational use in MA

Local Roots

Local Roots prides itself on sustainably cultivated cannabis that is as close to nature intended as possible. Local roots pre-rolls are available in strain favorites like Blue Dream Blowfish and J1, and you can always guarantee a good, clean flavor.

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Our Pre-Roll Cannabis Products | Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls


Dogwalkers is one of the few providers of cannabis in MA that focuses specifically on pre-rolls. These pre-rolls are expertly packed with some of the finest flower in the state in noteworthy strains like Brownie Scout, Tangie, Sour Joker, and more. Even more noteworthy, Dogwalkers donates a portion of its proceeds to support animals in need in the state.


Lowest Price Pre-Rolls in Massachusetts

Ocean Breeze Cultivators - Home

Ocean Breeze Cultivators

Ocean Breeze Cultivators offers one of the largest strain collections of any brand in MA. However, OBC is a top pick for another good reason: this brand provides some of the lowest-priced pre-rolls in MA. In fact, you can find a lot of pre-rolls from this brand on our menu for the lower price of just $4.20. A few faves? Look for Space Drip, Axle Grease, and Kimbo Pupil.


RiverRun Gardens

RiverRun Gardens keeps the cost of their cannabis in MA low so everyone can afford high-quality smoke. You can pick up a half-gram pre-roll from this brand for just $6, and you get access to top strains like LA Kush Cake and Runtz x Runtz.


Best Value Pre-Rolls in MA

If you want the biggest bang for your buck, certain pre-rolls offer incredible value for the money spent. We have a great selection at our MA dispensary. A good rule of thumb is to look at the pre-roll price compared to the size and potency. A few good options include:

Where to Buy the Best Pre-Rolls in Massachusetts

On a mission to find the best pre-rolls in Massachusetts? Look no further than Collective Cannabis. At Collective, we make a point to make sure every customer that comes to use has access to high-quality cannabis, the top strains, and the most enjoyable experience. If you’re ready to explore our selection of pre-rolls, including our $4.20 Half Gram Pre-Rolls, be sure to take a look at our Billerica and Littleton menus.