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Hidden Hemlock

Hidden Hemlock is a cannabis brand that should come to mind whenever you’re craving one of the finest strains of marijuana. The growers of the brand pride themselves on offering only hand-selected sativa, indica, and hybrid strains they would enjoy smoking themselves.

Hidden Hemlock

Product Specs

The brand line features premium-quality, 100% organic hand-trimmed and long-cured premium 3.5g flower and 1g pre-rolls.

Hidden Hemlock Pre-Rolls

The producers of Hidden Hemlock assure consumers that their pre-rolls do not contain trim, popcorn buds, or fan leaf. Ready to get stoned with these famous, must-have ready-to-smoke joints?

Of course, your pick from the brand lineup will depend on the beneficial effects, whether it’s energy boost, pain relief, mental clarity, or anxiety relief.

Hidden Hemlock Cannabis Flower Strains

  • Wizard Dawg – a sativa-dominant cross between Cheech Wizard and Space Dawg
  • Sour Peaches – an indica-dominant strain featuring Peach OG crossed with Big Sour
  • Purple Banana – a hybrid made by uniting Grand Daddy with Banana OG
  • Jamaican Dream, – a hybrid cross of Blue Dream and a Jamaican landrace
  • Holy Grail Kush – a hybrid produced from OG #18 and Kosher Kush
  • Orange Heirloom Skunk – another one of Hidden Hemlock hybrids cultivated by joining Heirloom Skunk with Orange Bud bred by Dutch Passion

Hidden Hemlock FAQs

Who makes Hidden Hemlock?

Hidden Hemlock flowers and pre-rolls are cultivated, processed, and manufactured by Hidden Hemlock LLC, a company based in Westfield, Massachusetts. Two brothers with a passion for organic, chemical-free, high-quality strains founded the company 20 years ago. The microbusiness specializes in heirloom strains and new hybrid crosses.

How potent is Hidden Hemlock Cannabis?

Each bud and its derivative pre-rolls have a unique amount of THC and Total Active Cannabinoids (TAC). Holy Grail Kush averages 23% THC, Jamaican Dream 15%, Orange Heirloom Skunk 17%, and Purple Banana 23%. The two that pack a serious punch are Thai Glue (27%) and Wizard Dawg (29%).

How is Hidden Hemlock grown & cultivated?

The family-owned establishment cultivates its cannabis strains in 100% organic soil. By using organic and pest management practices, it’s able to manufacture higher quality products.

How much Hidden Hemlock bud should I smoke?

The various THC percentages suggest that consumers, from novices to veteran stoners, can enjoy the nugs and pre-rolls based on their individual tolerance levels.

Hidden Hemlock Review

Feedback on each individual product varies. One Reddit reviewer said the high-THC Wizard Dawg offered a “very very smooth smoke” and “a very clear headed high.”

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Where you buy is completely up to you. However, if a well-stocked dispensary and friendly customer service is a concern for you, then why not visit Collective Cannabis pot shops in Billerica or Littleton, MA? Browse our menu and shop for other popular brands of flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and smoking accessories.

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