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Ocean Breeze Cultivators, a family-run cannabis business founded in 2018 in Gloucester, MA, cultivates landrace, heirloom, and classic strains for those cannabis users who seek a deeper connection in their experience. Ocean Breeze’s cultivation center is only 45 minutes away from our dispensary and grows marijuana for flower, pre-rolls and concentrates, and manufactures edibles such as gummies and chocolates to be sold in dispensaries.

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Ocean Breeze

Product Specs

With high-tech air circulation, nutrient monitoring, and specialized lighting, Ocean Breeze Cultivators promises to provide products for, in its words, “cannabis enthusiasts seeking a deeper connection to their experience.

No matter what shoppers are looking for, chances are Ocean Breeze produces it. In addition to both landrace and heirloom cannabis flower, Ocean Breeze Cultivators also produces its own pre-rolled blunts and joints. A variety of concentrate products are extracted from in-house cannabis, from bubble hash to vape cartridges. Those who prefer edibles aren’t left out either – Ocean Breeze Cultivators crafts several types of chocolate, lozenges, and gummies in consultation with the company’s Executive Infusion Chef.

Ocean Breeze Cultivators Product Line

The Ocean Breeze Cultivators cannabis produce line includes:

Ocean Breeze Cultivators FAQs

Who owns Ocean Breeze Cultivators?

Andrew Schwartz founded Ocean Breeze Cultivators and serves as the company’s chief executive officer. Schwartz acquired his passion for the science of cannabis at Endicott College while earning his degree in Business Administration and Management. Schwartz came up with the idea for Ocean Breeze while working on the acclaimed documentary, Sacred Cod, deciding to start a local business that would help shape Gloucester’s next economic chapter.

What is different about Ocean Breeze Cultivators products?

Ocean Breeze Cultivators mixes technology with tried-and-true cultivating methods to grow and make its cannabis products. Ocean Breeze built a flagship cannabis business by bringing in the latest technology into its 43,000-square-foot facility, which also includes 2,200-square-feet of grow rooms built with insulated aluminum panels, growing tables at multiple tiers, air movers in each room and third-party nutrient monitoring. Ocean Breeze ensures healthy and vibrant cannabis plant growth with the facility’s indoor lighting system, which includes LEDs and a mixed checkerboard spectrum of HPS and CMH.

Ocean Breeze Cultivators Reviews

Everything cannabis consumers need to know about the company can be found in Ocean Breeze Cultivators reviews. Many are fans of the half-dozen different styles of products offered, each tailored for different experiences from active daytime use to relaxation to all-nighters. The Space Drip strain can be particularly popular. Others enjoy the combination of convenience and potency provided by Ocean Breeze Cultivators’ pre-rolled blunts.

Where to Buy Ocean Breeze Cultivators in Massachusetts

Just like its namesake, Ocean Breeze Cultivators aren’t hard to find all across Bay State. More than 50 dispensaries stock some or all of the company’s products, from Williamstown in the commonwealth’s northwest corner to Provincetown at the tip of the cape, and everywhere in between. This means that, no matter where you are, Ocean Breeze Cultivators cannabis is just a short trip away.

Ocean Breeze Cultivators Reviews


I have tried two, Chupil and Pupil’s Delight. Both are OK. Think I like the Chupil most for its blueberry flavor, but I like how they grow. The flower has a nice natural taste, and it burns bright white every bowl I pack, both strains.


I’ve tried kandy kush and mobyphlaxis from them. Both strains were fire.


I decided to try out Ocean Breeze Cultivators because it was $10 cheaper for an eighth. Wasn’t expecting much; nugs were pretty small. But it hit me pretty good with a full body effect. I had to lay down for a bit! I liked the taste of it too. All in all, impressed! .

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Where to Buy Ocean Breeze Cultivators Products in Massachusetts

Ocean Breeze products are sold in Massachusetts dispensaries, including Collective Cannabis dispensary.

Buy Ocean Breeze Cultivators Products at Collective Cannabis

Collective Cannabis dispensaries live up to their name, representing a collective of people with a common belief in the power of cannabis. The dispensaries are locally owned, with a deep commitment to the communities they serve and to be part of something bigger than themselves.

While there may be many options out there, cannabis shoppers won’t find any better place to buy Ocean Breeze Cultivators products than Collective Cannabis. Whether they’re shopping at the Billerica or Littleton locations, Collective Cannabis offers Ocean Breeze cannabis, pre-rolls, extracts, edibles, and more. The experienced budtenders at this locally-owned cooperative can help everyone from beginners to seasoned cannabis enthusiasts find the perfect Ocean Breeze Cultivators product for them.

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