$20 Eighths for Sale in Massachusetts


Posted on November 16th, 2023 to News

“$20 eighths?! That can’t be accurate, what’s the catch?” We’ve heard consumers exclaim in disbelief like this before. We’re used to how surprised they are after stumbling upon these unbelievable Massachusetts dispensary deals. Everything is legit. $20 eighths of flower is truly a real deal on the menu. In fact, customers are getting the best quality weed from renowned cultivators and brand owners in Massachusetts. Read on for more details on finding $20 eighths in Massachusetts and where to shop.

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$20 Eighths in Massachusetts

How to Find the Cheapest Top-Quality Eighths in MA?

You can use various methods to nab deals on eighths, whether you’re on a budget or looking for a variety of $20 eighths up to an ounce. Thrifty and pro-shoppers scour dispensary menus every day. They get instant updates on savings opportunities by subscribing to dispensary newsletters, email alerts, and loyalty rewards programs. Massachusetts dispensary deals also happen on special occasions, such as 420 festivals, Green Wednesday, Black Friday, and pop-ups.

Where to Shop $20 Eighths Massachusetts Dispensary Deals?

Paying only $20 for 3.5g of flower also called an “eighth” or 1/8 of an ounce, is a big deal. If you’re lucky, you may stumble on this low-price at a weed store near you. Right now, we have a lineup of $20 eighths from legendary and award-winning strains. Catch the steals at our dispensary in Billerica MA or Littleton MA.

Capitalize on other bargains on flower, pre-rolls, vape carts, edibles, concentrates, and more products. The $4.10 0.5g and $7.50 1g pre-rolls daily special is definitely a savings opportunity.

$20 Eighths Deals at Collective Cannabis

Since customer satisfaction is always a priority, we keep looking for ways to create Massachusetts dispensary deals, specials, and discounts. Sometimes, there are tier pricing discounts. For example, 1g flower for $10 or 3.5g for $30. Consumers pay less for more of a product with tier pricing. Other times, they genuinely get $20 eighths of top-tier marijuana strains such as:

  • Mandarin Cookies Flower 3.5g
  • Gummies Flower 3.5g
  • RS11 Flower 3.5g
  • Blue Dream Flower 3.5g
  • Forbidden MAC Flower 3.5g
  • G Dubb Flower 3.5g
  • Big Foot Glue Flower 3.5g
  • Watermelon Soda #5 Flower 3.5g

Is a $20 Eighth Top-Quality Weed?

It is not uncommon for consumers to equate low prices with poor quality. This is not the case with $20 eighths or any other low-priced product at our dispensary. Like other consumer products, marijuana has its price point. Changes in marketplace prices sometimes allow Massachusetts dispensaries to offer discounts on the same superior-quality sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. They include weed strains from premium brands that would otherwise fetch heavier prices. These brands include:

  • AMP
  • Four20
  • Good Chemistry Nurseries
  • Nimbus
  • Strane
  • Local Roots
  • Ocean Breeze Cultivators

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Take advantage of $20 eighths on our recreational menu at Collective Cannabis. Peek at our extensive lineup of flower and THC-infused products, such as pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and vaporizers. CBD consumers can also select a variety of products for their alternative wellness program. Shop the Billerica menu or the Littleton menu. We can’t wait to see you!

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