What Makes Our Massachusetts Craft Cannabis Premium?

Posted on April 18th, 2024 to Uncategorized

We are known as a premium or craft cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts, but what does that mean exactly? Find out what premium and craft cannabis means to us at Collective Premium Cannabis, and get a closer look at a few of our favorite cannabis cultivators in the state.

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High-Quality Is in Our Name for a Reason

The Massachusetts dispensary you shop at will have a major impact on the quality of cannabis you get to experience. We have “Premium” in our name for a reason—we don’t allow anything less than top-shelf, high-quality cannabis on our menus. From the beginning, we chose to bring the premier cannabis brands together in one place to make it easy for people just like us—people who appreciate fine cannabis—to have a good experience every time.

What Is Craft Cannabis?

Craft cannabis refers to cannabis products that are cultivated, processed, and distributed on a smaller scale, often by independent growers or small-scale operations. Here are three key differences that set craft cannabis apart.

Cultivation Practices

Craft cannabis is typically grown with a focus on quality rather than quantity. Small-scale growers often employ traditional and sustainable cultivation methods, such as organic farming practices and hand trimming. The outcome is flower grown with exceptional attention to detail, which often results in more profound flavor profiles and unique strains.

Variety and Genetics

It’s not unusual for craft growers in MA to focus on unique or diverse genetics. These smaller operations may take the liberty to focus efforts on a hard-to-source or hard-to-grow strain that larger growers may not have the time to tend to because they need higher yields.

Community and Transparency

Craft producers often maintain close relationships with consumers, right down to providing detailed information about their products’ origins, cultivation methods, and testing results. This transparency fosters trust, but the root of this in-depth disclosure is craft growers are often excited to share and educate people who appreciate cannabis.

Our Favorite Craft and Premium Cannabis Brands in Massachusetts

The cannabis market in the Bay State is one of the most curated and mature. Therefore, we are lucky enough to have access to some of the best cannabis flower and cannabis strains in MA, grown by cultivators highly respected for their quality harvests. A few of the top craft and premium cannabis brands in the state include:

Shop for the Best Premium and Craft Cannabis in Massachusetts at Collective

Whether you are just getting familiar with craft cannabis or consider yourself a craft flower connoisseur, finding a dispensary focused on premium and craft cannabis is important. At Collective Premium Cannabis, we set out on a mission to bring the most elite, hand-selected cannabis to our customers. We uphold that mission by partnering with only the best cannabis brands in the state. Be sure to look for premium and craft cannabis on both our Billerica and Littleton menus.

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