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Tower Three

Tower Three LLC is a Massachusetts-based cannabis company founded in 2018 that specializes in natural, organic weed. The company, which is among the premier producers of cannabis in the state of Massachusetts, is family owned and operated, with female and minority owners. The company headquarters in Taunton, Massachusetts includes a recently opened 12,000-square-foot facility to grow Tower Three‘s top-tier strains with premium genetics. Tower Three’s signature organic process uses living soil free of pesticides and harsh chemicals and a tightly controlled environment, followed by careful curing that highlights the best of the cannabis flower.

Half Pint is crazy. Their instagram says new strain coming!

Review via Reddit

Tower three is absolutely one of the best 3 in the state by far. The team is great and that Dosidos cut is my favorite.

Review via Reddit

Their half pint was just awarded first place at the recent Harvest Cup. All grown in living organic soil. Only tried the Half Pint but it’s amazing, by far the best I’ve had in years. I’ll absolutely be trying their other strains asap..

Review via Reddit

Tower Three

Product Line

The Tower Three cannabis line includes pre-rolls and fresh flower with varying TAC (total active cannabinoid):

  • Death by Lemons: A sativa flower, 14% TAC
  • Dosido: An indica-dominant hybrid flower, 28% TAC
  • Half Pint: A hybrid flower, 29% TAC
  • Donny Burger: An indica-dominant hybrid flower, 26% TAC
  • Blueberry French Toast: An indica-dominant hybrid flower, 30% TAC
  • Marshmellow OG: An indica-dominant hybrid flower, 28% TAC
  • Knights Templar OG: An indica flower, 32% TAC
  • Kush Mints: A hybrid flower, 36% TAC
  • Super Lemon PuTang: A sativa flower, 14% TAC
  • White Truffle: An indica-dominant hybrid flower, 30% TAC

Tower Three FAQs

What is different about Tower Three products?

Tower Three’s product line is anchored by 10 signature cannabis flower strains. The company’s Half Pint strain was the first place winner at the 2022 Harvest Cup. These are unique strains derived from some of the most famous and cherished weed varieties available, grown in organic soil and packed with a mix of terpenes and other cannabinoids. The company’s signature cultivation process prioritizes organic living soil, allowing it to produce a superior product without the use of any harsh chemicals. The final product is 100% clean and free of pesticides, which provides a better tasting and longer-lasting cannabis experience. TAC (total active cannabinoid) levels in Tower Three‘s flower range from a mild 12% to a potent 36%.

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Tower Three weed products are sold in Massachusetts at Collective Premium Cannabis.

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Collective Premium Cannabis operates two dispensaries in Massachusetts that serve as a locally owned cooperative with deep roots in the communities that we serve. At Collective Cannabis, we believe we can be part of something bigger than ourselves. We strive to make our dispensary more than a retail establishment. We want to make a positive impact.