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Papi Cannabis

Papi Cannabis, launched in July 2022, is a cannabis brand created by David Ortiz, the former Boston Red Sox first baseman who earned three World Series rings. Ortiz used the Big Papi nickname he earned as a designated hitter for the brand, which is offered in collaboration with the Rev Brands company.


The Papi Cannabis line of Sweet Sluggers earned praise from cannabis users for their flavor and potency.

Jeremiah MacKinnon, NEC News Today

These Sweet Sluggers are definitely a premium product and are priced at a premium price point. The flower used to roll the sluggers is also premium.


Probably the best of all the celebrity rolls I have tried. The Wedding Cake and Lava Cake are 🔥.


I smoked the hazelnut cream sweet slugger and it was fire. Wrap was sweet, but complimented the flower nicely.


Papi Cannabis

Product Specs

The Papi Cannabis line is expected to expand in the future and now includes:

  • Sweet Sluggers single blunt 1G
  • Sweet Sluggers blunt three-pack 3G

Papi Cannabis FAQs

Who makes Papi Cannabis products?

Ortiz partnered with Boston-based Rev Brands to develop and sell his exclusive line of cannabis products. The cannabis company helped the MLB Hall of Famer develop his premium line of cannabis products, starting with the Sweet Sluggers blunt. These and other carefully chosen cannabis products developed for Papi Cannabis will focus on Ortiz’ interest in marijuana as a healing agent.

What is different about Papi Cannabis products?

With the development of Sweet Sluggers as the first cannabis by David Ortiz to be sold, the retired MLB player focused on what benefited him the most from his experience with marijuana. The Sweet Sluggers line of our rolled blunts are made with the finest cannabis flower chosen from Ortiz’ favorite strains, such as Lava Cake #7, Black Mamba #7 and Bootylicious #4. The pre-rolled blunts are filled with flavorful terpenes, in addition to high TCH. The blunts come in non-tobacco wrappers made from tea leaves and hemp.

What other products will Papi Cannabis offer?

Papi Cannabis and Rev Brands announced plans in July 2022 to develop a special blunt that is infused with hash oil. The product will feature Rev Brands’ high-grade cannabis flower and premium hash oil to give the blunt a stronger kick. The companies also announced the development of other cannabis products, including a vaporization cart, an edible made with chocolate from the Dominican Republic and a wellness topical.

Where to Buy Papi Cannabis in Massachusetts

Papi Cannabis products are sold in Massachusetts dispensaries. For more information about Papi Cannabis products, check out the Collective Cannabis dispensary near you and learn about new Papi products as they come into the market.

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