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Posted on July 6th, 2023 to Brands & Products

It’s not only about being 420 friendly. Today, a new kind of cannabis connoisseur is emerging to celebrate 710, which represents the consumption and celebration of cannabis concentrates.

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What does 710 mean?

The term 710 has come to signal that preference for those who enjoy cannabis vapes and other formats that use oil, which is the word that 710 looks like when flipped and turned upside down.

Another meaning for 710 oil as a reference for heavier cannabis consumption. Because cannabis oils and concentrates can be more potent, 710 identifies a more seasoned cannabis user to differentiate from a marijuana newbie who may not enjoy such a potent cannabis experience.

What does 710 friendly mean?

If someone is “420 Friendly,” they are basically marijuana friendly. The term “710 Friendly” is used to refer to those within the cannabis community who enjoy concentrates, like vaping and dabbing with oils and other cannabis products.

The “710 Friendly” may also represent a preference for smoke-free cannabis, which many cannabis users prefer. The consumption of cannabis oils often does not involve smoking, but vapors produced from vapes and dabs.

710 deals Near Me

At Collective Cannabis, we celebrate 710 in Massachusetts with great deals on cannabis concentrates. As part of our mission to serve as a cooperative group serving something larger than ourselves, Collective Cannabis wants to offer our customers premium cannabis at great prices.

That’s why we offer vape bundle pricing for the “710 Friendly” among us. Buy more than one distillate, full spectrum, live rosin or cured rosin vapes, and we’ll give you a discount. We offer a variety of the best vapes from some of the cannabis industry’s best companies: Sanctuary Medicinals, Nimbus, Pioneer Valley, Resinate, Ocean Breeze, Good Chem, Fernway and BeWell.

Vape Bundle Pricing

Distillate Vapes:

  • ½ g Distillate | 1 for $25 and 2 for $40
  • 1g Distillate | 1 for $45 and 2 for $80

Full Spectrum Vapes :

  • ½ Full Spectrum | 1 for $30 and 2 for $50
  • 1g Full Spectrum | 1 for $50 and 2 for $90

Live Rosin | Resin Vapes :

  • ½ Live | 1 for $35 and 2 for $60
  • 1g Live | 1 for $65 and 2 for $120

Cured Rosin | Resin Vapes :

  • ½ Cured | 1 for $45 and 2 for $80
  • 1g Cured | 1 for $75 and 2 for $140

Shop 710 Deals in Massachusetts