OG Skunk Strain: Let’s get social

Posted on May 4th, 2022 to Strain Research

Effects: The OG Skunk strain is uplifting and social. You get an initial punch of motivational energy and a nice follow up of relaxation.

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What is the OG Skunk strain?

Sometimes referred to as “Skunk OG,” the OG Skunk strain is highly aromatic, potent, and flavorful just like its well-known parents. This hybrid offers a nice mix of effects that are valued for both recreational and therapeutic reasons. Below is a closer look at OG Skunk and all you need to know.

Strain Type: Is OG Skunk Indica or Sativa?

OG Skunk is a hybrid strain with a slight Sativa dominance of around 60 percent depending on the plant. Even with the slight Sativa lean, the OG Skunk strain is considered well-balanced. You get the nice uptick of energetic euphoria, but the body high settles in soon after and paranoia is practically nonexistent.

More OG Skunk Characteristics


The OG Skunk strain is the result of crossing OG #18 and Skunk #1, both of which are popular hybrid strains. Skunk #1 has been around since the 1970s, and it is the parent strain of many other popular cultivars. True to its roots, OG Skunk offers a nice sour, skunk, citrus flavor with the ideal mix of effects.

OG Skunk is known to be especially potent, even though cannabinoid profiles can range depending on the plant and grower’s practices. Some sources claim THC levels in this strain can be as high as 26 percent. According to AskGrowers, the general cannabinoid lineup looks something as follows:

  • THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – 18.33 to 19.33%
  • CBD (cannabidiol) – 0.29 to 0.58%
  • CBC (cannabichromene) – 0.14 to 0.72%
  • CBG (cannabigerol) – 0.08 to 0.74%
  • CBN (cannabinol) – 0.47 to 0.33%
  • THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) – 0.37 to 1.17%


OG Skunk’s most dominant terpene, which is one reason why a lot of users report a nice body-sedating effect. Other noteworthy terpenes in OG Skunk include:

  • Bisabolol
  • Camphene
  • Carene
  • Pinene
  • Valencene

Aroma and Flavors

Fans of either of the OG Skunk strain parents for flavor and aromatics are bound to find even more to love in this cultivar. OG Skunk is highly aromatic with notes of pungent fuel and sour citrus. A nice earthen woodiness diversifies the aromatic notes of the strain. As far as flavor, you get a nice hit of citrus and earth that lingers on the tongue long after the effects have kicked in.

Effects: How will OG Skunk make me feel?

The OG Skunk strain is a go-to because it offers such well-balanced effects that fall somewhere between uplifting and sedating. Initially, you get this once uplifting high that leaves you feeling a bit chatty and social. Some even describe the high as being motivational because it tends to leave you clear-headed for a while and ready to tackle projects. However, after that initial onset of effects passes, you can expect an all-over body high that can really help you settle in for a good night of sleep.

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