Dispensary Deals: BOGO 50% Off Every Monday

Posted on May 24th, 2024 to Brands & Products

As any cannabis enthusiast will tell you, we’re living in a golden age of marijuana. There have never been more strains and better weed on the market than there are today. However, while we’re drowning in high-quality cannabis, there’s still one pain point many users have: the price.

Yes, although dispensaries are far more common and mainstream these days, the price of weed is still relatively high, especially for those who use it regularly. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay full price for your cannabis. Thanks to our new Monday BOGO deal, you can save big.

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Collective is Your Premium Massachusetts Dispensary

The best dispensaries are those run by people who love and use cannabis all the time. Because we’re such connoisseurs, we can tell high-quality products from subpar varieties immediately. So, we only carry top-tier flowers, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, and edibles.

Our insider knowledge also helps us cater to new cannabis users. If you’ve never smoked, dabbed, or vaped before, we can recommend some less potent versions so you can get a taste of getting high without making it too overwhelming. We can also discuss why you want to use cannabis and show you some strains and products to help you achieve the best results.

Collective is also a convenient dispensary option. We have two locations in Billerica and Littleton, and you can even order your weed online and pick it up in-store for less hassle. No matter where you are in Massachusetts, you’re never too far from a Collective store.

Monday BOGO Deal: 50% Off Everything!


As with anything, if you want high-quality products, you have to be willing to pay high-quality prices. However, we believe that everyone should get to experience top-tier weed, not just those with deep pockets. That’s why we’re so excited to unveil our new BOGO deal.

Every Monday, whenever you buy one product, you get the second at 50 percent off. What makes this deal even better is that it applies to everything inside the store. So, whether you’re looking for flowers, concentrates, edibles, or accessories, you can save big on it all.

This deal only occurs every Monday, and you must purchase items of similar or equal value. Our team can also assist you in figuring out the best way to save when purchasing your weed.

Save Even More With Our VIP Club

Our Monday BOGO deal is available to everyone, so you can stop into one of our dispensaries whenever you feel like saving money. However, if you’re a regular Collective customer, we invite you to join our VIP club.

As a VIP member, you’ll get:

  • Early Access to New Products – Cannabis companies in Massachusetts are always growing new strains and developing new products. You can get early access to these items before anyone else.
  • Special Pricing – We love our VIP members, so we offer deals and VIP pricing on some of our top-selling products. The more you shop at Collective, the more value you can earn over time.

The party doesn’t have to stop as soon as you leave the store. Collective is here to help you get high without breaking the bank. Visit one of our dispensaries and see what all the fuss is about today.

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