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Tiger Tea

Tiger Tea is a cannabis-infused tea beverage made by The Drinkable Company, based on the north shore of Massachusetts. The low-dose Tiger Tea is promoted with fast-acting THC and light on cane sugar, brewed as antioxidant-rich with full-spectrum THC to preserve the full profile of the plant. The Drinkable Company is led by long-time beverage industry veterans Mark Mahoney and Lee Brody, specializing in soft drinks, energy drinks, spirits, cocktail mixers and brewed beverages. The Drinkable Company produces Tiger Tea as one of its infused cannabis beverages, which also includes Zenith Cold Brew Coffee and Swivel Crafted Soda.


Tiger Tea

Product Line

The Tiger Tea Cannabis Tea beverage line includes:

  • Green Tea Infused With Strawberry: Fresh brewed real tea infused with cannabis and hints of strawberry.
  • Green Tea Infused With Wildberry: Fresh brewed real tea infused with cannabis and hints of wildberry.

Tiger Tea FAQs

What is different about Tiger Tea products?

Tiger Tea is a unique cannabis-infused real tea that is carefully brewed to yield a naturally powerful experience. Made with freshly brewed real green tea, this lightly sweetened and antioxidant rich beverage produces a refreshing, earthy sensation. The Tiger Tea THC drink is under 70 calories and less than five with 15 grams of sugar. Manufactured with state of the art, fast-acting and water-soluble emulsion technology, each beverage contains 5 mg of full spectrum cannabis oil and provides an early onset of effects, at a controlled pace. Tiger Tea, which offers a special formulation designed to skip any hangover, comes in two flavor varieties, including strawberry and a combined wild berry and hibiscus selection. The Tiger Tea products are just one of the numerous beverages made by industry veterans at The Drinkable Company. The company is committed to taste, responsibility and enjoyment across the most popular beverage categories, including sodas, seltzers and cold-brew coffee.

Tiger Tea Reviews

The Tiger Tea beverages are highly regarded for their refreshing taste and unique flavors that go beyond the basic cold tea beverage. The low-dose THC beverage is calming and relaxing, without the experience of feeling too high or buzzed, such as is felt with alcohol. This makes the beverage ideal for social situations and parties, or outdoor gatherings in the heat of a summer’s day.

Tiger Tea cannabis tea is an intriguing alternative to the emerging kava and kratom teas that are emerging in some areas. Tiger Tea offers a more comprehensive experience with 5 mg of THC.

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Where to Buy Tiger Tea in Massachusetts

Tiger Tea products are sold in dispensaries in Massachusetts, including Collective Premium Cannabis.

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Collective Premium Cannabis operates two dispensaries in Massachusetts that operate as a locally owned cooperative with deep roots in the communities that we serve. At Collective Cannabis, we believe we can make a positive impact by being part of something bigger than ourselves. We strive to make our dispensary more than a retail establishment.