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Pioneer Valley Cannabis Company

Pioneer Valley Cannabis products are made using the cleanest, purest, most local components possible, going straight from the plant to the finished product. Every product is hand-crafted, accurately dosed, and rigorously tested in their facility, which is surrounded by New England’s rolling hills and fertile soil. Brands under their umbrella include Pioneer Valley, Kanha, and Fox Tales.

Pioneer Valley

Product Specs

With a wide-ranging line of products, there’s something for just about every cannabis consumer in Pioneer Valley’s arsenal. These include pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, gummies, and more. Pre-rolls are offered in various strains and sizes, including the popular Creamsicle Infused Pre-Roll. Vape flavors run the gamut from blackberry cream and pear Herer to the fan-favorite tropical trainwreck cartridge.

Pioneer Valley produces several varieties of concentrate under its Fox Tales brand, including wax, shatter, crumble, and diamonds. These small-batch concentrates are carefully extracted to preserve the unique characteristics of each strain and terpene. Finally, shoppers shouldn’t miss out on Kahna gummies from Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co. Kahna offers buyers 14 different flavors and multiple THC and CBD levels for a custom-tailored experience.

What is Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co.?

Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co. is a supplier of cannabis products to the Massachusetts recreational and medical market. Based out of Florence, MA, Pioneer Valley’s mission is to, in its own words, “bring the healing and elevating powers of the cannabis plant to everyday consumers.” Pioneer Valley Cannabis also offers lab services to other growers, including remediation and extraction.

Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co. Review

With so many different, high-quality products, it’s hard to go wrong with any of Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co.’s offerings. Pre-rolls offer top-tier flower and extra convenience, while those who prefer edibles will certainly find a flavor and stretch to their liking. Concentrate users also have an incredible variety of options, and will benefit from the care and attention of the craft extraction process used by Pioneer Valley’s trained staff.

Where to Buy Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co. in Massachusetts

Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co. products can be found at a growing selection of dispensaries around the Bay State. More than 30 dispensaries currently stock Pioneer Valley, including numerous spots in the Boston area, a Marthas Vineyard location, and spots as far west as Williamstown or north as Haverhill. No matter where you purchase, you can know you’re receiving the same high-quality cannabis product.

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