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Fernway is a Massachusetts-based cannabis company known for its industry-leading vape cartridges. The company name is inspired by fernweh, a word that means longing for faraway places. This idea is at the heart of the company’s mission, viewing cannabis as part of life’s adventure that can help customers savor every moment worth living. In addition to cartridges, Fernway plans to offer flower soon, along with its pre-rolled joints, all made with premium cannabis. The vape cartridges combine premium custom hardware, exceptional terpenes and the highest purity cannabis oil. They come in a universal 510 thread to accommodate any battery, although they are optimized for use with the Fernway stylus.

I ended up getting the berry haze as some of you suggested and it’s super good. Might actually be one of my favorites flavor wise. I do wish there was a way to find out flavors without having to go to re-edit tho haha.

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Just picked up 2 about 2 weeks ago. So far they are my fav. My partner who def does not vape has been enjoying the Berry Haze, they are an edible person normally. They like them enough to invest in good batteries etc.

Review via Reddit


Product Specs

  • Vape Cartridge:
    • The Strain Collection uses terpenes harvested from fresh cannabis to create a genuine cannabis flavor profile.
    • The Flavor Line uses terpenes harvested from fruits, herbs and other botanicals to create delicious natural flavors.
    • Live Resin uses conoisseur-grade oil, bursting with the unique flavor and character of the finest fresh cannabis.
  • Joint:
    • Terpine-infused joints available in 1g 2-pack and 2.5g 5-pack

Who owns Fernway?

The vapes and joints are manufactured by Fernway, a cannabis vaporizer brand founded in 2018 by David Van Vlierbergen, Liam O’Brien, and Christopher (Kit) Gallan in Northampton, Massachusetts. The company’s mission is to make it easy to enjoy cannabis with confidence.

Are Fernway Products Vegan?

Yes, Fernway cannabis products are made from premium ingredients, including ultra-pure cannabis oil, bold and distinctive flavors, and extraordinarily fresh cannabis terpenes extracted from whole sungrown buds to deliver unparalleled flavor and effects. There are no fillers.

How much Fernway Cartridge should I vape?

The average hit on a Fernway Cartridge lasts about three seconds, with three hits producing a quick high that should last two to three hours. Depending on your experience, try a little less if you consider yourself a newbie and a little more for the experienced cannabis enthusiast.

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Fernway cannabis products are among the highest selling in Massachusetts. For more information about Fernway vapes and joints, check out the nearest Collective Cannabis dispensary.

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Collective Cannabis dispensaries represent just that, a collective with a belief in the power of cannabis. We are locally owned, with a deep commitment to the communities we serve and to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Visit our dispensary to learn about Fernway and other products.