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Camino Gummies

Camino is a California-based cannabis brand of mood-enhancing gummies that come in fresh fruit flavors. Named for the Spanish word for “road,” Camino gummies are made to deliver the most tailored and transporting experience available from an edible. The gummies are made with custom combinations of THC, CBD, CBN, and natural terpenes, and are available in sativa, indica and hybrid strains.

They are really good. Definitely the best tasting edibles I’ve had.

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Some of my favorite edible brands after shopping for Rec in 10+ states.

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I just bought the Camino Blueberry Sleep gummies. 5mg THC and 1mg of CBN. I love them.

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Camino Gummies

Product Specs

The Camino line of gummies includes:

Camino FAQs

Who makes Camino cannabis products?

Camino edibles are made by Kiva Convections, a California-based, family-owned cannabis company that features a number of edible brands. Scott Palmer and Kristi Palmer started Kiva in 2010 in their home kitchen as they worked to create a premium chocolate Kiva bar after being inspired by a local chocolatier. The young couple loved cannabis and started their business with the intent of creating the best edible experience possible for consumers. Camino is the Kiva brand for gummies.

Kiva Convections’ other edible cannabis brands are Petra mints, Kiva chocolate bars, Terra bites, and Lost Farm gummies and chews.

What is different about Camino products?

Camino gummies are custom-made to produce a distinct sensation, from their shape, color and potency. It is all intended to offer an immersive experience that inspires consumers. Camino edibles are made from a unique blend of natural terpenes and cannabinoids, part of the company’s commitment to maintain the highest standards for ingredients throughout its line of edible products. Camino starts by sourcing locally-grown cannabis, all-natural flavors and ingredients that ensure the product’s potency is as effective as its flavor is enjoyable. Camino gummies are consistently dosed and identified clearly with THC and CBD content in milligrams.

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Where to Buy Camino Gummies in Massachusetts

Camino gummies are sold in several states, including in Massachusetts. For more information about Camino edible products, check out the nearest Collective Cannabis dispensary.

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Collective Cannabis dispensaries represent just that, a collective of people with a common belief in the power of cannabis. They are locally owned, with a deep commitment to the communities they serve and to be part of something bigger than themselves.