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Betty's Eddies

Need the scoop on Betty’s Eddies product line before deciding which type will satisfy your wellness needs. At Collective Premium Cannabis, we are always eager to give consumers the full rundown so they know exactly what they’re getting. Select the Littleton or Billerica menu to browse the varieties or continue reading to learn more.

Best edible for relaxation and sleep! Wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

Review via I Heart Jane

Helped with sleep after knee surgery. Very effective in getting much needed rest, and they taste good.

Review via I Heart Jane

Bedtime Betty’s are dreamy divine and will have you on cloud 420!

Review via Cannapolitan

Betty's Eddies

Product Specs

What Are Betty’s Eddies?

Betty’s Eddies are a popular line of naturally flavored chews sold at cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts. The carefully handcrafted, non-GMO organic chews are packaged in single-serving (5mg) packets and 10 servings (50mg) packets.

Betty’s Eddies Product Line

Consumers can pick different Bettys Eddies products based on flavor and mg count, including these:

  • Cannabis Ice Cream: Variety of traditional flavors, including brownie vanilla, dark chocolate and black raspberry

Betty’s EddiesFAQs

Who makes Betty’s Eddies?

Betty’s edibles were first made right in Massachusetts by a group of friends who decided to launch a line of premium quality edibles using full-spectrum cannabis. MariMed Inc. took over the company in 2017 and continued to formulate the high-grade chews at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in New Bedford, MA.

Are Betty’s Eddies vegan?

All Betty’s Eddies handcrafted chewable edibles are 100% vegan, gluten-free, and preservative-free. The company is committed to formulating a product line that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their dietary lifestyle.

How potent are Betty’s Eddies?

The potency varies based on state laws. Formulations sold in line with Massachusetts marijuana laws are 5mg THC per single serving. Since the edibles are made using full-spectrum cannabis oil, chewers will get the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the whole plant.

How are Betty’s Eddies made?

Betty’s Eddies flavorful THC/CBD vegan chews are formulated using organic fruits and veggies with full-spectrum cannabis oil.

How many Betty’s Eddies should I take?

Each Betty’s Eddies chewable packs a powerful THC punch, so be sure to verify the dosage on the product label. Our single-serving pack contains 5mg THC. The 10-serving pack contains 50mg of total THC. Consumers and patients new to Betty’s edibles may start with a quarter-sized or half-sized dose and work their way up to a comfortable dosage.

What is different about Betty’s Eddies products?

Betty’s Eddies makes its cannabis fruit chews with a proprietary formulation. The company also makes its fruit chews vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. Betty’s Eddies creates its handcrafted cannabis fruit chews with organic fruits and vegetables as part of its manufacturing process that is designed to deliver a consistent, delicious and sweet experience each time a chew is consumed. Each Betty’s Eddies fruit chew is custom-formulated and is made with full-spectrum cannabis. The company relies on supporting cannabinoids, and natural herbs and supplements that all help produce the desired and consistent effect for users in an all-natural method.

Are Betty’s Eddies products made to treat certain conditions?

The fruit chews, available in a variety of flavors, are formulated to help with a number of conditions, such as sleep, energy, pain relief, immunity, sexual arousal and joy.

Betty’s Eddies Review

The formulations are intended to provide the entourage effect in an intense and delicious way. This increases the overall therapeutic effects compared to products made with cannabis isolates. Reviewers, especially those struggling with anxiety or insomnia, are impressed with Bettys Eddies Bedtime. That’s based on various Bedtime Bettys reviews, including one where the reviewer wrote, “Best edible for relaxation and sleep!”

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