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Blue Raspberry

There can be a lot of mystery in the world of weed. Strains are crossed and seeds occur, and, sometimes, an incredible cultivar comes to life without a lot of solid history about where it came from. The Blue Raspberry strain, also known as “Blue Razz,” is one of these strains. The genetics of this strain are unfortunately not entirely clear, but we can tell you about everything from the taste to the effects. Here’s what you can expect from the Blue Raspberry weed strain.

Is Blue Raspberry Indica or Sativa?

One of the most interesting things about the Blue Raspberry strain is that its origins are a bit of a mystery. It’s most likely a hybrid cross of the Raspberry Kush strain and another cannabis variety. However, the precise origins of Blue Raspberry remain unknown.

This strain is Indica dominant. Despite having no clear history, enough people have reported characteristics that align this strain more closely with indica-dominant qualities, including its physical traits and effects. And there is some speculation regarding the origins of the strain if you dig far enough.

For example, one frequently-up-voted Leafly review says:

“BluRaz lineage consists of “Blue Dream” also known as Azure Haze Crossed to Raspberry Moonshine a strain bred by Mosca Seeds. The children of the BluRaz consist of BluRaz 99, BluRaz Lemonade, BluRaz Purps.” – Leafly Review

It’s not possible to validate this review, but it just adds to the mystery behind this strain’s story. What is certain is the fact that Blue Razz has a solid reputation for providing a pleasurable, flavorful experience.

More Blue Raspberry Strain Characteristics

The blue raspberry strain offers a chilled out vibe with a welcoming aroma. Whether you’re new to cannabis or you’re looking for something a little bit more easy-going, this is the strain for you. If you’re looking for a strain with this type of effect, you should should our Hybrid strains.


The aroma of the Blue Raspberry cannabis strain is woody, skunky, with a trademark hint of sweet berries. Blue Raspberry tastes much as you would expect with such a name—its flavor tends to be an enjoyable mix that tastes like sweet vanilla and blueberry. The undertones tend to have a little more pungency and bite like a tart raspberry dashed with pepper.


The buds of the Blue Raspberry weed strain typically appear light green with hints of dark purple. Some people even consider this strain to have a bluish hue to it, which is partially where it gets its name. The buds are decently sized with a notable frosty coating of trichomes, which also seem to have a bit of a blue tint.


The cannabinoids of this strain are very light. It’s an ideal strain for those in search of mild effects or trying out cannabis for the first time. While all cultivars bearing the Blue Raspberry weed strain name can vary depending on the grower, you can usually expect to see somewhere in the neighborhood of 12% to 16% THC and CBD levels of less than 1%.


The flavor of the blue raspberry strain is known for tasting a little bit like its namesake. It’s somewhere between sweet vanilla and blueberry.

Effects: how will the Blue Raspberry strain make me feel?

The Blue Raspberry strain is known for its easygoing, emotionally uplifting effects. This strain offers light elation and is great for days when you are simply lounging around but don’t necessarily want to drift off to sleep. It’s a happy, restful high that doesn’t get too intense. Perfect for unwinding after a hard day.

The medical cannabis community also enjoys this strain for its mild euphoric effects and gentle therapeutic nature. The Blue Raspberry strain is said to be good for pain and headache management because it is not so intense that it leaves you feeling overly sedated. Instead, you get a relaxing level of euphoria that helps you stay motivated. The Blue Raspberry weed strain can also work if you’re looking to explore stress relief with cannabis.

Strains like Blue Raspberry

It’s hard to find information on strains similar to the Blue Raspberry strain, but we can make educated guesses based on flavor, effect, and aroma. There’s a good chance that Blue Raspberry is a Raspberry Kush hybrid which also makes Raspberry Kush a natural choice as an alternative.

You can also try strains with a strong berry flavor, such as:

  • Strawberry Cough
  • Blueberry OG
  • Berry Pie
  • Blueberry Kush
  • Raspberry Cookies

If you’re looking to explore the world of sweet cannabis strains, the Brown Scout Kush strain gives you a different approach but with a similar sweet smoothness.

How to Grow the Blue Raspberry Weed Strain

There’s some good news and some not-so-good news when it comes to growing the Blue Raspberry strain. The good news is that the Blue Raspberry strain grows with a short height and a high yield making it very easy to grow. It’s a forgiving strain that grows well indoors and out. It has up to a 60-day flower cycle. The hard part is finding the Blue Raspberry strain in seed or as a clone from a reputable seller. This hybrid is extremely hard to find if you’re looking to grow your own.

Where to Buy Blue Raspberry Weed in Massachusetts

The genetics of the Blue Raspberry strain are a mystery, but what we know for certain is that this strain has a pleasant aroma and sweet blueberry taste. Additionally, Blue Raspberry strain effects are utterly easy to appreciate, whether you are new to cannabis or an experienced connoisseur. The terpenes and cannabinoids in this strain produce a relaxed high perfect for novice smokers.

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